Eyeshop Announcement

Due to some changes in legislation in Ontario we have decided to revise and revamp the ecommerce efforts we provide our membership. As contact lenses can no longer be shipped directly to patients in Ontario we have decided to wind down operations of Eyeshop.

The majority of practices who take advantage of Eyeshop are, in fact, in Ontario so continuing operation of the ecommerce site would result in large operational inefficiencies; especially with regard to the investment of human capital it takes to run the site.

We learned a great deal from the launch and operation of Eyeshop and believe that it gave us a lot of knowledge regarding ecommerce. Knowledge we will use to re-launch our strategy in the coming months. So stay tuned.

For any order/product/warranty issues, please contact your business coach directly. You may also reach out to Eye Recommend HQ directly at 403.295.9111 or admin {at] eyerecommend [dot] ca

We apologize for any inconvenience this change in legislation has caused and will continue to work hard internally to provide a revised online/ecommerce strategy for our Membership.

The Eye Recommend Team